Special courses for different needs

We offer tailor-made special courses for customer's needs.

Intensive course 

A very effective way to activate your language skills. From morning till night every day you train your language and achieve your goal.

Specialized course

A language course specialized in a certain area according to your needs. The most common areas are restaurant or client services, travelling etc.

Expat training

Where to buy a ticket? Can we discuss politics with russian colleagues? How to rent an apartment? What is the Russian hospitality? Future russian expats have a lot of questions and this course has answers.

Online courses

Skype, Lync, video conference are very useful tools for those, who travels a lot or prefers a distant training.

Special courses in English 

  • Confidence Building and Public Speaking
  • Advanced Business Language Courses for Executives
  • Presentation and Persuasion Skills
  • Cross Cultural Integration Training
  • Negotiation and Advocacy
  • Sales and Custom Service Coaching
  • Advanced Pronunciation and Articulation
  • Body Language and Message Projection
  • Job Interview and Pitch Training